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Up Up and Away Licensed Behavior Analyst PC services children who need individualized academic and social-emotional support due to their diagnosis of Autism or other developmental disabilities. Mindy Coolidge and Meredith Greenwald bring 20+ years of experience and dedication to their practice by providing 1:1 ABA therapy to children ages 1-12 whose needs require specialized treatment. Up Up and Away creates a therapeutic environment designed to hone in on prerequisite skills needed to be successful in an ever changing and unpredictable world. They provide our families with socialization opportunities, community work, and parent training.

Founding Partners


Meredith Greenwald is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst, New York State Licensed Behavior Analyst, New York State Certified Special Education Teacher, and co-founder of Up Up and Away Behavior Analyst PC. She received her BA in Psychology at Lafayette College in 1998 and MA in Special Education from New York University in 2000. Meredith has 20 years experiences using the principles and practices of Applied Behavior Analysis working with children diagnosed with Autism and other developmental delays. She excels at developing and implementing programs, social skills training, relationship development and family training. Meredith lives in Greenwich CT. She enjoys pilates, spinning, and spending time with her dogs.


Mindy Lee Coolidge is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst, New York State Licensed Behavior Analyst, New York State Certified Special Education and General Eduction Teacher, and co-founder of Up Up and Away Behavior Analyst PC. Mindy has 13 years of experience working with children who have the diagnosis of Autism, have other developmental delays, cognitive impairments, and/or problem behavior. Mindy excels in the areas of: building meaningful relationships with students and their families, speaking as an expert witness/ advocating for a student, administering assessments and creating programming based on the results, collaborating with families and teams for best outcomes, and using the science of ABA to help every child learn in an individualized way that is meaningful, fun, and effective. 
Mindy lives in Westchester with her husband Donny, son Kai, and two dogs Mia and Banana. 

"If they can't learn the way we teach, we teach the way they learn." OL

Why We Created Up Up and Away

Up Up and Away was created after years of providing 1:1 ABA services in clients' homes. We experienced so many children who would have benefited from being
in a structured setting where they could receive 1:1 services while also having
the chance to have structured socialization opportunities with peers. The social
goals of our students are incredibly important when helping them reach
their utmost potential.  Up Up and Away will continue to provide home based and school based services for families and children who would still benefit
from therapy being done in the home.

"There needs to be a lot more emphasis on what a child can do instead of what he cannot do." - TG

Our Services Include: 

1:1 ABA therapy

We provide effective, evidence-based ABA therapy from our highly experienced team. We provide individualized programs that integrate the goals and needs for each specific child who we work with. Our vastly trained and dedicated therapists will address each child's individual academic and behavioral needs. Therapy sessions (ABA hours) occur in our office where we provide a structured environment using customized treatment plans.

Home Based Programing

We offer our families home based therapy. Our skilled therapists come out to your home to work with your child. This allows our team the ability to provide treatment for every day situations, working on a variety of important skills.

SEIT Services

We provide SEIT services for those of our students that would benefit from 1:1 support in their current classroom environment.  Our staff will help facilitate our students' adaptation to classroom routines, transitions, activities, and peer interactions.

Parent/Caregiver Training

We provide training for parents and caregivers on a regular basis so we can ensure that generalization of skills occur outside of our therapy sessions. Research dictates that when parents and caregivers are part of the therapy, outcomes are better. These trainings can occur in our office and/or in the family's home.


We foster frequent, structured, and documented communication among disciplines to establish, prioritize and achieve treatment goals. We work together with all disciplines ensuring a cohesive team optimizing best outcomes.


We run preliminary assessments to ascertain what area each child excels in and what skills need to be taught. These assessments can be used for insurance purposes as well.

Behavior Consultation

We run indirect/direct assessments including, but not limited to: observation of the child in his/her natural environment, parent/caregiver testimony/feedback, and questionnaires. We then provide program recommendations for providers both at home, and in the community and/or the school setting.

Expert Witness Testimony

We use our years of experience and knowledge of our student's unique situation in order to provide evidence based testimony in any and all court cases related to services for the student

Support Groups 

We provide support groups for parents and caregivers in an individual or group setting. Facilitated by a Certified Counselor/ BCBA/LBA, the support group is a safe space to connect with other parents. We will be expanding to provide sibling support groups in the near future. For more information, please click here.

Family Education and Advocacy Specialist

Our Family Education Advocacy specialist has an extensive background in Special Education, Counseling, and Applied Behavioral Analysis. We can provide guidance in connecting you to the appropriate professionals to evaluate your child, navigate the Administration for Child Services Department, and advocate for your child's education. For more information, please click here.


Meredith Greenwald has been a savior in our lives. She has guided , taught , nurtured and given boundless love to our son Sebastian for over 8 years.  Her true passion and  professionalism with her work is remarkable.  Her work ethic and expertise as an ABA therapist is beyond the call of duty.  Much of Sebastian’s progress is due to the focus and energy Meredith has put forth.

-Tommy Hilfiger

From our first meeting Meredith and Mindy, we knew we were about to embark on something extraordinary with the UUAA team. These incredible humans approached our 3-year old son's case with the most beautiful combination of sensitivity, warmth, expertise, and optimism. Our son leaps out of his stroller with a smile, running into each session with a sense of purpose, enthusiasm, and curiosity. He's sincerely happy and completely comfortable with each member of his ABA team. He knows he is safe, supported, and loved - both in the office and at school. This speaks volumes, as my son is currently non-verbal. The UUAA team has extended their support and vast knowledge to our family in the most kind, loving, gracious way - as we know, Autism is a family affair. Our son is thriving and each day demonstrates progress as the team continues to keep programming fresh, interesting and FUN! We are incredibly blessed and proud to be working with this team of exceptional women. Our gratitude runs deep.

We are confident we are in the best possible hands on the best possible path with the UUAA team. And, that just feels pretty great. The kind of 'great' that helps you sleep better at night.

                                       -ADP, Proud & Grateful Parents

Mindy worked with my son throughout preschool. She was entirely dedicated to working with him on his challenges. She was kind, supportive, and firm with him and was always responsive regarding any questions or concerns. Mindy is an incredible professional, and a uniquely wonderful person who goes above and beyond in every way. She is ideally suited to working with children and our extremely particular family adores her!


Every time Mindy walks into the room my daughter lights up. The connection they have is palpable. I know that when Mindy is with my daughter, she is in a nurturing environment where learning is made to be fun. She is beyond creative and skilled at creating opportunities to teach my child in all aspects of her development.

Mindy has incredible organizational skills. She has advised my wife and I how to help organize my daughter’s room to best suit her needs. She is constantly reaching out to all team members to keep everyone in the loop regarding current protocols needed to help my daughter. 

Mindy has one of the kindest hearts I have experienced and her dedication to her job and my daughter is beyond the call of duty. Mindy is a true professional at all times, and my daughter’s biggest cheerleader. I look forward to hearing about Mindy’s sessions with my daughter as it always fills me with such hope and excitement hearing about all of the wonderful things my daughter was able to do.  My daughter’s continued growth and progress is entirely due to Mindy’s amazing expertise as an ABA therapist. I am beyond grateful to have Mindy in our lives.

-Jared Lubel

Meredith has been an integral part of my son Sebastian’s life and development for the past 8 years. Her dedication, passion and love for my son has been the reason he has progressed beyond anyone’s imagination.  Her energy, charm ,charisma and thoughtfulness made each session fun and imaginative. We enjoyed watching the beautiful bond they developed over years. We are forever grateful and indebted to Meredith for everything she did for our family! She is a consummate professional and a true super star!

-Dee Hilfiger

I am a caregiver for a child with autism and one of the problems I encountered was understanding how to communicate with the child in her world. I didn’t know what to do when she struggled behaviorally or how to help her express herself. 
Enter Mindy, an experienced BCBA, and my world has changed forever. Mindy is a genuinely kind individual, who loves her students without measure, and does whatever it takes to make sure her students are happy, thriving, and reaching their fullest potential. 
Mindy guided me through every step: how to identify a behavior before it escalates and what I should do if it does. Mindy showed me how to effectively help our kiddo in every aspect of her life.
Mindy has enriched my life immeasurably and she has helped me communicate in a way that I would not otherwise have been able to do. It is a rewarding experience when a child living with autism laughs, smiles, and can express themselves and be happy.  Mindy has helped me learn the language of the special needs child and I am eternally grateful.

-Sandy Olson, Caregiver

Navigating the special-needs landscape as parents can be terribly daunting. However, meeting and working with Mindy & Meredith has been a unique blessing that has resulted in an unbreakable bond with our entire family. Our experience with other providers has reinforced our initial feeling that these two women are special educators.
The time and care they put into each lesson plan and each interaction is highly calculated, yet warm and natural.  As behavioral analysts, they are determined to employ every tool in their toolbox to ingrain our daughter with the requisite skills. Our daughter has grown by leaps & bounds and is beginning to “connect the dots” under their tutelage. 
Despite their tireless work ethic, Mindy & Meredith work with our daughter not only as if she was their ONLY student, but as if she was their OWN child.
Communication is very important to Mindy and Meredith, as they share achievements, setbacks, ideas, forcing us as parents to step up our game to provide our daughter everything that will help her succeed.
Truthfully, our only reluctance in writing this testimonial is we want to keep our “ABA goddesses” to ourselves.

-A and J, Penelope's parents

I have had the honor and opportunity to learn from Mindy and Meredith. They both have done an amazing job of explaining, modeling, and giving feedback on the best strategies for the child, and ways I can make the most of my time with her. 

Mindy and Meredith are a synergistic dream team. They walk in the door and immediately bring help [and more importantly: hope] to families who may be struggling with the everyday life of a child with special needs. The knowledge and compassion they share with families goes beyond what is humanly possible. They give Special Needs children, parents, and caregivers a voice and a meaningful way to communicate. Their impact on families is undeniable, and the love they both have for these children defies explanation.

Mindy and Meredith make learning fun and exciting. They truly help children become the best version of themselves. It is a beautiful thing to watch the way that they work as such a cohesive team, with the most  positive energy. When watching Meredith and Mindy together, you know you are in the presence of something extraordinarily special.

-P's Thankful Caregiver

The Up, Up & Away team helps our son and our family. We started the therapy journey with Up, Up & Away over three years ago, and have watched our son make unimaginable progress because of the guidance and support we get from the professional therapists at Up, Up & Away. Whether your child is neuro-typical or not, there is uncertainty and self doubt in every parenting decision one makes but with a child with special needs there feels like there are more ups and downs.  Our Up, Up & Away team, led by Meredith Greenwald and Mindy Coolidge, is always available with suggestions, guidance, and support. We’re so grateful for everything they do and highly recommend them.

-EFR and ALR

We’ve had a life-changing experience with Up Up & Away.  We first started with them when my son was 3, and within the first few weeks of working with his ABA therapist, we saw a pretty immediate transformation in our son’s ability to communicate and engage.  Two years later, we have worked with several different UUAA therapists, and have loved all of them.  They have each bonded with my son, and have become such an important part of our family’s lives.  We’ve seen such a positive impact on our son’s rigidities, compulsive thinking and behaviors, and social/emotional learning. They have improved not only our son’s own abilities, but also our family dynamic and our relationship with him.  We are forever grateful to UUAA!

-F.S. and C.S., parents 

UUAA has become a second home for our son and an integral component of his development. Since beginning at UUAA my son has become more independent by increasing his vocabulary, social and play skills.  UUAA takes a team approach that we had not experienced with other providers. Communication extends beyond the UUAA office not only to our family but also to all of his providers at school and additional therapists. Natasha has not only spent time with my son but also his brother, cousin, and friends to ensure the approach and skills carryover to all aspects of his life / environment. This holistic approach based on objective developmental criteria has been essential to my son’s success as he and our family learn to navigate his challenges.  We are so grateful to the entire UUAA team and look forward to seeing his continued growth.



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