Meredith Greenwald has been a savior in our lives. She has guided , taught , nurtured and given boundless love to our son Sebastian for over 8 years.   Her true passion and  professionalism with her work is remarkable.  Her work ethic and expertise as an ABA therapist is beyond the call of duty.  Much of Sebastian’s progress is due to the focus and energy Meredith has put forth.

Tommy Hilfiger

Every time Mindy walks into the room my daughter lights up. The connection they have is palpable. I know that when Mindy is with my daughter, she is in a nurturing environment where learning is made to be fun. She is beyond creative and skilled at creating opportunities to teach my child in all aspects of her development.

Mindy has incredible organizational skills. She has advised my wife and I how to help organize my daughter’s room to best suit her needs. She is constantly reaching out to all team members to keep everyone in the loop regarding current protocols needed to help my daughter. 

Mindy has one of the kindest hearts I have experienced and her dedication to her job and my daughter is beyond the call of duty. Mindy is a true professional at all times, and my daughter’s biggest cheerleader. I look forward to hearing about Mindy’s sessions with my daughter as it always fills me with such hope and excitement hearing about all of the wonderful things my daughter was able to do.  My daughter’s continued growth and progress is entirely due to Mindy’s amazing expertise as an ABA therapist. I am beyond grateful to have Mindy in our lives.

-Jared Lubel

I am a caregiver for a child with autism and one of the problems I encountered was understanding how to communicate with the child in their world. I didn’t know what to do when the child became behavioral or how to help her express herself. 
Enter Mindy, an experienced BCBA, and my world has changed forever. Mindy is a genuinely kind individual who loves her students without measure, and does whatever it takes to make sure her students are happy, thriving, and reaching their fullest potential. 
Mindy guided me through every step: how to identify a behavior before it escalates and what I should do if it does. Mindy showed me how to help the child ask for what she wanted by prompting her in the way she required.
Mindy has enriched my life immeasurably and she has helped me communicate in a way that I would not otherwise have been able to do. It is a rewarding experience when a child living with autism laughs, smiles, and can express themselves and be happy.  Mindy has helped me learn the language of the special needs child and I am eternally grateful.

Sandy Olson, Caregiver

Meredith has been an integral part of my son Sebastian’s life and development for the past 8 years.
Her dedication, passion and love for my son has been the reason he has progressed beyond anyone’s imagination. 
Her energy, charm ,charisma and thoughtfulness made each session fun and imaginative. We enjoyed watching the beautiful bond they developed over years.
We are forever grateful and indebted to Meredith for everything she did for our family! She is a consummate professional and a true super star!

Dee Hilfiger

Navigating the special-needs landscape as parents can be terribly daunting. However, meeting and working with Mindy & Meredith has been a unique blessing that has resulted in an unbreakable bond with our entire family. Our experience with other providers has reinforced our initial feeling that these two women are special educators.

The time and care they put into each lesson plan and each interaction is highly calculated, yet warm and natural.  As behavioral analysts, they are determined to employ every tool in their toolbox to ingrain our daughter with the requisite skills. Our daughter has grown by leaps & bounds and is beginning to “connect the dots” under their tutelage. 

Despite their tireless work ethic, Mindy & Meredith work with our daughter not only as if she was their ONLY student, but as if she was their OWN child.

Communication is very important to Mindy and Meredith, as they share achievements, setbacks, ideas and forcing us as parents to step up our game to provide our daughter everything that will help her succeed.

Truthfully, our only reluctance in writing this testimonial is I want to keep our “ABA goddesses” to ourselves.


Andrea and Jared, Penelope's parents

I have had the honor and opportunity to learn from Mindy and Meredith. They both have done an amazing job of explaining, modeling, and giving feedback on the best strategies for the child, and ways I can make the most of my time with her. Mindy and Meredith are a synergistic dream team. They walk in the door and immediately bring help and more importantly: hope to families who may be struggling with the everyday life of a child with special needs. The knowledge and compassion they share with families goes beyond what is humanly possible. They give Special Needs children, parents, and caregivers a voice and a meaningful way to communicate. Their impact on families is undeniable, and the love they both have for these children defies explanation. Learning can be a challenge for a child with special needs, but Mindy and Meredith make learning fun and exciting. They truly help children become the best version of themselves. It is a beautiful thing to watch the way that they work as such a cohesive team, with the most  positive energy.When watching Meredith and Mindy together, you know you are in the presence of something extraordinarily special.

P's Thankful Caregiver