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Up Up and Away

Up Up and Away Licensed Behavior Analyst PC services children who need individualized academic and social-emotional support due to their diagnosis of Autism or other developmental differences. Mindy Coolidge and Meredith Greenwald bring 20+ years of experience and dedication to their practice by providing 1:1 ABA therapy to children ages 1-12 whose needs require specialized treatment. Up Up and Away creates a therapeutic environment designed to hone in on prerequisite skills needed to be successful in an ever changing and unpredictable world. They provide our families with socialization opportunities, community work, and parent training.

Cloud in the Sky

Why we created Up Up and Away

Up Up and Away was created after years of providing 1:1 ABA services in clients' homes. We experienced so many children who would have benefited from being out of the home in a structured setting where they'd receive 1:1 services while also having the chance to have structured socialization opportunities with peers. We are aware that the social goals of our students are so incredibly important when helping them reach their utmost potential. Up Up and Away will continue to provide home based services for those families and children that would still benefit from therapy being done in the home.

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